About us.

The IMTTA courses focus on educating and providing support to individuals who want to become professional meditation teachers and holistic counsellors so they, in turn can provide outstanding customer service to their own students and promote the overall benefits of mediation and holistic development to the wider community.

Topics covered within these course involve; anatomy and physiology, humanistic psychology, holistic counselling practices, teaching skills, facilitating groups, small business management, corporate stress management and a range of other topics. 

Other short courses  that are delivered by Justine focus on individuals learning how to relax more effectively, increase positive thinking and self management and  reduce stress through the use of meditation to improve their overall health and happiness.  

These  courses are based on evidence and include referencing to scientific studies that encourage this teacher training  to provide it’s students with the knowledge and skills to deliver the course materials professionally. While also encouraging each participant to recognise their unique strengths and passion they bring when presenting these courses to others.

Course  materials and content have been developed by Isabelle Cunningham and involves facilitator guides, practical activities/exercises, audio-visual presentations, power-point presentations other visual aids, while taking into account the different teaching styles of each teacher.   

IMTTA graduates have sought employment in such areas as – holistic health centres, recreation facilities, stress management consultants, chair yoga instructors, holistic counsellors. Other graduates have decided to open their own holistic wellbeing practices or meditation schools to run specific  classes to suit the needs of particular groups due to their particular area of interest (children’s meditation classes or pre- natal ).

These IMTTA courses are all recognized with the following accredited bodies:

The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT)
The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)
The International Mediation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA)
The International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA)

Graduates are able to join these organizations and gain professional insurance and a provided with a full year of membership with the IMTTA and can access resources, business mentoring and other guidance and support to be successful in their chosen new holistic career.

The Directors

Lynette Doyle 
B.Sc., B. Ed  

I have been a student of spiritual matters, practicing meditation and investigating alternative thinking for around 35 years.  I am a school teacher in a Waldorf Steiner school and I love to research spiritual science.

I am passionate about understanding the connections between our everyday physical reality and the spiritual world.  I am particularly interested in brain plasticity and spiritual realities, I believe that people barely know what they are capable of in the fields of health, joy, and fulfilment in life.  People are infinitely creative and can work towards shaping their lives in a positive manner.   Through the cultivation of thoughts, feelings and good deeds we can become more conscious, wiser, more loving and creative individuals. 

As a science and chemistry teacher I have also had some particular interests over the past couple of years in health, whole food plant based diet, herbal remedies, soap making and natural plant dyes. 

I have a 28 year old son, Daniel, who does an hour of qigong and meditation with me every evening.  My husband Brian and I share many interests in meditation, education, health and spiritual research.  Our two spoodle dogs, Coco and Beau, and Siamese cat Otto, complete our family home. 

Contact Lynette at lynette@mindunlimitedcollege.com

Brian Doyle
B. Ed.

Marching from my teens into adulthood I carried the usual baggage but the one belief that served me well was that of introspection. It can lapse into morbid self obsession but as Plato warned, a life without it is a life not worth living.  At times the trajectory of my life has felt like the ball in a pin ball machine. The slope of these machines though always tends that ball in one direction more than others, for me that slope is given my introspection.

From a working class background in Southern Adelaide, where an apprenticeship and a four speed V8 was the big ambition, I accumulated the usual run of unskilled jobs. By my late twenties my motorcycle racing was over and something had to change so I put myself through university. There I acquired a bachelor of education in science. 1996 was first year out of Uni.

Like the motorcycle racing it made deep impression and left me with great memories.  The main difference being that racing asks who are you in a given situation (more to point who aren’t you?) and teaching asks what are you for others.

At the end of 2004 I moved on from teaching, married my dear wife Lynette in 2006 and now work in the Australian Public Service. In 1994 my early belief in introspection evolved into mediation and from there the understanding that mind is central to creating self. It both gives and transforms our reality.

In all its richness, in all its mystery we find the loving mind, the heart mind, the emotional mind, the thinking mind, the mind of infinite subtlety. I am grateful that life has led me to explore a deep, personal and loving friendship with this greatest of all mysteries. In all of us our minds houses the self, our fears, confusions, loves and joys.

It is the same mind that beholds the power for peace, love, joy and equanimity – a power that is free of force. I cannot give you the potential of your mind but seek to be a guiding hand on your journey for however long that may be.

Contact Brian at brian@mindunlimitedcollege.com